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When dealing with a construction recruiter, you want to know you're talking to someone who understands what it is like to work on a building site. Our consultants have spent years in the industry as both tradesmen and service providers to both large and small construction operations in Sydney, Newcastle and on the Central Coast.

Understanding construction goes further than talking the lingo, it requires a knowledge of the challenges of running a large construction site, the management and planning required to ensure projects run to schedule and the materials handling, procurement and people management necessary to bring a project in on budget.

In a relatively small marketplace like Newcastle, it is important to work with a recruiter who is both connected and respected. Helping you navigate the various companies and sites that may or may not appeal to you is critical in securing the right opportunity.

We work with both the largest and the smaller builders in the industry, go to painstaking lengths to take detailed briefs and spend the time getting to know what each company's organizational culture is like before recommending an opportunity to you. 

The types of roles we recruit include:

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