Estimator Jobs

If you have a strong analytical mindset and excellent numerical skills, then a job as an Estimator might be for you.

An Estimator’s job is all about analysing key metrics and gathering information to compute accurate estimations for projects, ultimately aiming to prepare detailed reports of your findings so the company can make business decisions that will increase profitability.

As an Estimator, your key responsibilities will involve: 

  • Interpreting proposals and blueprints to prepare estimation work and identify labour, material and time requirements.
  • Discrepancy resolution through analysing information
  • Lead and conduct research in order to obtain data regarding labour costs, material requirements and production times.
  • Use various software to analyse data, forecast and budget.
  • Build rapport and communication means with all key vendors such as suppliers, subcontractors etc.
  • Contact subcontractors and vendors to negotiate and review quotes.
  • Write up and submit estimate reports and bids.

Opportunity for career advancement

Estimators are crucial to a project and therefore jobs are likely to offer highly competitive salaries.

Estimator job requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Quantity Surveying Construction Management or another relevant field of study.
  • At least 3 years of experience working in the construction industry in a similar role.
  • Proven ability to price jobs accurately and conservatively combined with a good win ratio on project tenders
  • Excellent interpersonal and verbal communications skills.
  • Enjoy working collaboratively in a team environment.