Foreman Jobs

If you have proven experience in site management and also have excellent leadership and management skills then a job as a Foreman is ideal for you.

A Foreman’s job is all about managing construction sites to ensure schedules are followed and results are delivered in a timely manner. A Foreman is expected to work closely alongside the Site Manager, Project Manager and client to accommodate their needs and alter work orders accordingly. The ideal candidate will be comfortable with delegating tasks such that deadlines are met whilst adhering to safety regulations.

As a Foreman, your key responsibilities will involve: 

  • Assigning duties to workers and subcontractors appropriately.
  • Monitoring the timeline of a project to ensure that it is on track and the budget is met.
  • Create progress reports and updates.
  • Build positive relationships with suppliers and vendors.
  • Ensure working conditions are compliant with safety standards specific to the industry.
  • Handling materials delivery and installation

Opportunity for career advancement

A Foreman is usually a top supervisory position within a project, therefore, Foremans can expect high salaries. Additionally, with the expansion of nationwide infrastructure projects, the job market for this role is expanding.

Foreman job requirements:

  • Proven experience in the construction field, preferably in a supervisory level role as a leading hand or foreman
  • In-depth knowledge of construction procedures and guidelines.
  • Able to be level headed, calm and methodical, with the ability to absorb and dispel pressure by delivering on staged construction project deadlines.
  • Excellent interpersonal and verbal communications skills.
  • Enjoy working collaboratively in a team environment.