Site Supervisor Jobs

If you are a born leader with excellent management skills, especially within the construction field, then a job as a Site Supervisor will suit your skills. We have plenty of roles on offer relating to site supervision as well as the broader construction industry.

A Site Supervisor’s job is rather broad and is all about supervising the construction site in relation to; staff management, project timelines, safety procedures and protocols.

As a Site Supervisor, your key responsibilities will involve: 

  • Manage daily operations of the site.
  • Ensure a safe and secure construction site through the implementation of compliant site safety procedures.
  • Inspect and see to the maintenance of safety systems and equipment.
  • Professionally and efficiently handle any on-site emergencies or accidents, including the filing of reports.
  • Oversee all employee and onboarding related activities including; reviews, attendance, interviews, training.
  • Communicate with stakeholders and customers regarding project progress.
  • Assist project managers with creating the work schedule.

Opportunity for career advancement

A Site Supervisor is usually a top supervisory position within a project, therefore, Site Supervisors can expect high salaries. Additionally, with the expansion of nationwide infrastructure projects, the job market for this role is expanding.

Site Supervisor job requirements:

  • Proven experience in the construction field, typically having developed from tradesman to leading hand, foreman and then supervisor. Experience in a supervisory or managerial capacity is necessary.
  • In-depth knowledge of compliant health and safety regulations.
  • First aid training and certifications are highly regarded.
  • Excellent interpersonal and verbal communications skills.
  • Strong project management abilities.