Contract Administrator Recruitment

A diligent Contract Administrator is critical to ensure that a company’s projects are as per the state’s norms and laws. Find the most suitable Contract Administrator with ASR’s extensive national database and complete service support.

Find the best talent

As Australia’s leading recruitment agency, ASR has built a wide nationwide database of skilled Contract Administrators. This database has been built by referrals, registrations and through our own extensive network of recruiters. Our effort at each point is to find the best person for the job, no matter where he/she is located.

Why ASR?

Network: We believe in the power of networking. It allows us to find the best in the nation in a short time, check on references and ensure that we only hire the most suitable person for the job. It’s a network we have painstakingly built up over the years. It spans across different states and industries, giving us a unique understanding of the changing recruitment dynamics.

Reliable referrals: ASR has built a reputation for reliability and guaranteed service because of our diligence in checking referrals. We are careful in ensuring that only vetted candidates make it to the shortlist.

Complete support: ASR’s service is not just limited to referring the most suitable clients. Our services extend from finding the right candidate, vetting their background, negotiating salaries, employing, developing & retaining talented professionals, such as Contract Administrators.