Project Manager Recruitment

Selecting the right Project Manager is the beginning of a successful strategy. ASR can help you find project managers in the construction industry for permanent, temporary or contractual positions.

Get the best in Australia

ASR is a national player with a nation-wide database. We have built up this information bank through referrals and our own stellar team of recruiters. Our clients can reach out to the best in Australia through our database and through direct referrals in our network. Our aim is to ensure that we find the right person for the job, no matter where he/she is.

We believe in the power of networking. In fact, our biggest strength is the network we have built over the years that forms the backbone of our services. It allows us to carry out a quick hunt for candidates, get a true picture of their background and advise our clients on current employment policies.

Bespoke solutions

Our exceptional team of talent acquisition managers has come from different industries, including construction, technology, media, digital, communications, marketing and sales and retail businesses. This gives us a unique understanding of each field, the requirements and recruitment trends. Consequently, we have the ability to tailor our search according to the need of each client.

A complete service

ASR has built up a reputation for service because of the complete package we provide. We help our clients to look for the right candidates, sort out the best, carry out background checks, schedule interviews; negotiate salaries and ensure a smooth onboarding.