Marketing Communications Manager Jobs

If you have a knack for strategy, storytelling and also have in-depth knowledge of the marketing landscape, a job as a Marketing Communications Manager may be ideal for you.

As the competition for consumers’ attention thickens, companies now need specialists to formulate and implement marketing strategies that will attract customers. This is where Marketing Communications Managers come into play, they are primarily responsible for overseeing all marketing activities and building overall brand awareness.

As a Marketing Communications Manager, your responsibilities may include but are not limited to; leading plans to increase market share, conducting market research, overseeing data analysis activities, creating pricing/budgeting strategies, collaborating with numerous teams across the company, contacting and managing agency partners and creating marketing presentations for stakeholders.

Opportunity for career advancement

Accounts Receivable jobs are abundant and offer generous salaries with relatively large room for growth and career progression.

Marketing and Communications Manager job requirements:

-    Previous Marketing or Advertising experience - or similar.
-    At least 7 years of experience in Marketing and Communications.
-    Excellent analytical and verbal communication skills.
-    Experience in developing written communications for a mix of audiences in a fast paced, deadline driven environment.
-    Off the chart motivation and the desire to go above and beyond