Marketing Director Jobs

If you are looking for leadership roles in marketing and think you have the experience to back it up, a role as Marketing Director could be the perfect fit for you.

Marketing Director jobs are all about leadership of people and the company.

As a Marketing Director, you will lead the marketing department of the client company. This is a job that entails leading the organisation and its people towards success. You will be responsible for designing cohesive marketing strategies and implementing them. As a leader of the marketing department, your role will include nurturing talented personnel, encouraging creative thinking and inculcating a goal-oriented approach.

Career boost with the best salaries

A Marketing Director is among the top few people in a business and hence, commands an excellent salary. As the head of marketing personnel, strong leadership must be among your career objectives. It gives you an opportunity to shape an organisation and be recognised in the field.

Marketing Director job requirements:

  • Must have 10 years of experience in marketing. At least 3 years of experience as Marketing Manager will be preferred.
  • Strong planning and communication skills.
  • Analytical and creative thinking.
  • Experience of working with budgets, financial planning and strategy.
  • Goal-oriented approach with strong motivational skills.
  • Adept at conducting and evaluating marketing research and statistical analysis.
  • Thorough knowledge of web analytics.