• Building an EVP and Employer Brand

    Employer value proposition (EVP) is a unique set of advantages which an employee gets in return for the skills, attributes and experience they bring to an organization. A strong EVP motivates employees and helps in attracting a talented set of people.

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  • Changing Jobs with Confidence During a Pandemic

    Many people are wary or cautious about making a career change during the current climate so I want to share with you an insight into my first-hand experience of a career change during a global pandemic.

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  • AI In Recruitment - The risk of unconscious bias from a recruiter who is ultimately feeding the algorithms

    Artificial Intelligence is employed in the recruitment process of companies by employing machine learning and problem- solving techniques to find the best candidate for a position.

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  • Being kind to yourself during coronavirus. Some tips on keeping yourself mentally and physically well during this time.

    There is really no denying that a lot has changed over the past couple of months and none of us really know how long we are going to have to continue living in this altered state. One thing I’ve encountered as a reoccurring theme over the past several weeks is that a vast majority of us are dealing with mental health in some way; whether it be our own, or of those close to us. The current circumstances have brought to the surface not only new challenges for many but have exacerbated pre-existing ones too. Whether you fall into this category yourself, or are supporting someone who does, it is extremely important to be kind to yourself and take care of your physical and mental wellbeing as much as possible. I have decided to share some of my own tips for doing so, with relevant links below that I hope you find helpful.

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  • Winning the War for Talent

    Recruiting talent in the modern, globalised economy is a difficult task. The advent of social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram have created more channels to connect with talent; the need to create sophisticated strategies to attract talent; and have delivered many more avenues for talent to source multiple, concurrent competing job offers.

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