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Apr 30, 2019

4 Ways Data Is Changing The Way We Market Embracing digital data and analytics is one thing, but effectively using them to optimise digital marketing is another. There are two key elements for any modern business to be successful in appropriately adopting this process – AI and Big Data.

 These two factors have become increasingly important in shaping the outcome of any company. However, less than half of businesses are using big data systems successfully with the most common reason being the lack of knowledge in data as an asset.

Data is a total game changer – with the right strategies.

Here are four key steps to follow in order to fully grasp the competitive advantage and get ahead of the game in the online marketing world.

1.     Traffic Analytics Identify Unique Niches

Traffic analytics are a great investment into audience segmentation and targeting. They will help to identify crucial niches that make up your customer group, which will ultimately help you create more effective targeted ad campaigns that boost engagement.

2. Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Engagement Opportunities

For brands that engage with customers at the right time will increase the chances of direct conversions with customers and overall audience sentiment. These systems can monitor online chatter and be notified of opportunities where engagement would be most beneficial. NLP uses machine learning and applies data to the words that customers are using to determine the sentiment and help businesses figure out how best to respond specifically important in the resolution process if should arise. This is where natural language processing (NLP) tools help navigate these interactions online, which can make or break the brand and perception of a business.  

3. Smarter Customer Journey Paths

 Another significant way that data the way we digitally market is by using and collecting consumer information to generate more customer journey. This essentially builds a blueprint for right place/right time messages triggered marketing content strategies. Tools like Hotjar and are great to better gauge how people interact with your website and help strengthen the way a business online. This behavioral data can then be used to create better trigger-based marketing strategies that send specific content to a customer at the perfect time.

4. Creating More Influential and Compelling Case Studies

Using digital data and analytics from sources such as customer reviews, website conversions, and overall success rates, you can use real-life information to authenticate and create engaging case studies with data. This is an amazing tool for any digital marketing for B2B groups as customers are constantly looking for authentic data to promise measurable results within the given content. Show more – tell less is the key to success here.


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Caption: 4 ways data should change the way you digitally market.