HR Trends To Look For In 2020

Mar 8, 2020

The roles of HR professionals have changed significantly over the past few years as, earlier, they were responsible for a range of tasks including keeping records, ensuring companies followed guidelines in compliance with the laws, deciding wages, compensation packages and benefits as well as recruiting and onboarding new staff. With the advent of new technologies and disruptive business practices, the landscape has changed, so ASR has compiled a list of things to be vigilant of in the year ahead.

Top HR trends to look for in 2020

1. Artificial Intelligence: Companies will increasingly adopt AI and will use it in the hiring and recruitment process. AI-powered solutions will have the following benefits:

a. Time-saving: Chatbots are the conversational interface that saves time and speeds up the hiring process by answering the most common questions of the candidates.

b. Faster Candidate Screening: It will help in filtering resumes and pre-qualifying applicants based on the job description and skills. This will encourage unbiased candidate assessment.

c. Quality Hiring: With unbiased screening and selection of candidates through AI, the quality of applicants improves.


2. Data Analytics: Using analytics, data-driven decisions can be made by HR professionals to attract and retain top talent. Analytics will be used in identifying trends and patterns on employee absenteeism, leave frequency, engagement level etc. Data analytics will play a prominent role in:

a. Increasing employee satisfaction and experience

b. Increasing workforce engagement

c. Improving workforce planning and talent development

d. Reducing employee turnover


3. Feedback tools: Emerging HR trends will encourage the use of employee engagement tools and survey platforms to capture employee’s opinions and feedback. Employee satisfaction surveys would help to connect with the employees and promote engagement and profitability. These feedback tools help the management in understanding employee concerns and take corrective action plans to retain the best talent in the organization.


4. Focusing on Employer Branding: In today’s competitive labour market, convincing talent to join your company is a challenge. To employ stars for your team, your company needs to flaunt a five-star reputation. In 2020, organizations will keep on checking their employer brand by considering what is it that separates them as employers and how they market themselves as a unique workplace. Whether it is a commitment to corporate social responsibility or offering flexible work benefits programs, companies that have identifiable qualities will succeed in attracting new talent and sustaining current talent.

5. Cultivating workplace cultures: As there have been stories of workplace harassment and toxic office environments in recent years, addressing unhealthy corporate culture should be a core focus for 2020. Companies will put their focus on fostering healthy employee experience, by enforcing policies on workplace conduct to honouring their employer’s need for a balanced work-life schedule.