Commercial Accountant Jobs

If you have experience in accounting with a strong financial background and want to take on a commercial role that offers great career prospects, Commercial Accountant Jobs are perfect for you. There are plenty of roles available to you.

As a key member of the finance team, a Commercial Accountant’s job is all about providing financial support to all of the business’ components.

As a Commercial Accountant, you will be responsible for facilitating the coordination and implementation of various projects and business activities by ensuring the integrity and accuracy of financial data. You will be expected to perform numerous tasks such as; performing support processes to ensure accurate, efficient and timely reporting of financial results and generally providing financial support to the sales teams to determine bidding estimates.

This job requires someone who has exceptional interpersonal skills as well as oral and written communication skills. You will need to be able to build rapport across all stakeholders and create professional relationships. The ideal candidate will be able to cope under pressure and possess well-polished prioritisation and time management skills.

Opportunity for career advancement

A Commercial Accountant’s job offers plenty of opportunities to work on important tasks and projects. As such, there is always room for career advancement and growth towards more senior roles.

Commercial Accountant job requirements:

-    Bachelor’s degree in Accounting/Business or another relevant field of study.
-    At least 5 years of experience in relevant finance or accounting-based roles.
-    High-level numeracy and literacy skills.
-    Ability to manage time efficiently and work through tight deadlines.
-    High-level interpersonal skills with the ability to form strong business relationships.
-    Knowledge of Australian Accounting Standards and Australian International Framework of Reporting Standards.