Our mission is to create exceptional experiences for our job seekers while maximising your career potential and helping you identify, prepare for and secure the best possible new opportunities.

Authentic – the consultants at ASR commit to always speaking honestly and openly to talent about their suitability for existing opportunities, potential future opportunities and ways to maximise their ability to secure the ideal role they desire.

Scrupulous – we are focused on the details, from the presentation of your resume to the alignment of your values with our client’s culture, and help you prepare to present yourself in the best possible light.  The focus is on making your job search the best possible experience.

Reputable – Our Consultants are experts within their markets and have a deep understanding of their chosen field and their client’s businesses.  Our longstanding relationships with employers include local enterprise, SME’s and product companies, Professional Services, Government, Banking, Education, Technology, Construction, Mining and Industrial Sectors.

Our market intelligence, relationships with some of the best employers in the Newcastle market, knowledge of the best way to approach and secure opportunities and the most effective way to manage your personal brand, all form a candidate service model that sets us apart from the competition.