Commercial Analyst Jobs

f you have a background in financial accounting or management accounting, love analysing figures and figuring the best strategy, then working as a Commercial Analyst is the job for you. There are plenty of jobs that will fulfill your expectations.

Commercial Analyst Jobs are all about analysing sales market performances.

A Commercial Analyst’s main responsibility is to improve the client company’s financial standing. This job requires expertise in mathematical models to understand, extrapolate and evaluate performance from financial and economic data, such as revenue, expenses, operations, and state of competition. You must be able to read the data, find patterns and discrepancies. You should be able to advise managers on how the business can be made more profitable. As a Commercial Analyst, you may also have to make presentations, liaise with clients, managers and partners.

Great salaries and opportunity for career advancement

Commercial Analysts are among the best-paid professionals in the financial industry. The job also offers plenty of opportunity to move up the career ladder and get noticed by senior management.

Commercial Analyst job requirements:

  • In-depth knowledge of accounting
  • At least 5 years of experience in management or accounting.
  • Strong capability in quantitative, financial and statistical analysis
  • Understanding of business trends and a sharp business acumen
  • Presentation ability with excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work under pressure