Throughout 2019 - Crypto Sydney one of Australia's largest and oldest meetups has been bringing the leading projects to the masses and they took their info on the road in many local cities. Details below of the events:



S2M Digital Recruitment in association with Blockchain Australia.

Major sponsors: Mine Digital Exchange along with Australia's award-winning exchange Independent Reserve. 


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Crypto Sydney one of Australia's largest and oldest meetups brought the leading projects to the masses and in 2019 took it on the road due to popular demand to many local cities.

The events were hosted by David Jackson MD S2M Digital Recruitment, founder of Crypto SYDNEY and Director of Blockchain Australia. On each night they had a couple of short presentations from local and global Blockchain projects followed by a robust debate around privacy and if “FACEBANKS LIBRA SHOULD BE STOPPED”, and naturally they tackled “BITCOIN IS DEAD, LONG LIVE BITCOIN!” and our famous audience Q&A session with the expert panel consisting of International exclusive speakers flown in from Singapore and Hong Kong and of course our very own best of breed local Blockchain ecosystem experts.

Last year's roadshow attracted the best brains focused on this emerging technology with experts from major law firms, big four consulting firms, regulators from ASIC and Austrack, traditional equity, forex and commodities traders, along with crypto traders, investors, Blockchain entrepreneurs, developers, recruiters and students looking to learn all about the future of crypto currency markets and where crypto’s underlying technology, distributed ledger technology (DLT) - Blockchains are headed into 2021 and beyond.

The nights topics across all the major cities covered such things as;

- A brief introduction on what Blockchain and Crypto is in layman’s terms

- How Blockchain is getting real word traction in 2019

- Crypto trading and investing  

- Regulation and education

- Discussion around the current state of play in the cryptocurrency space

- Have we exited the “Crypto Winter?”

- Debate over what will spur the adoption of programable money - BTC/BCH or global corporate stable coins like Libra

- Has Facebooks Libra Coin been a positive development for the ecosystem?

- And lots of Australian Blockchain projects




 all speaker final

For future roadshows, if you would like to be a guest speaker in your city, contact David Jackson


NEW EVENT DATES FOR 2020 & 2021 TBA       


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