Data Scientist Jobs

If you are an analytical professional with an aptitude for maths who wishes to embrace practical scientific knowledge, then a role as a Data Scientist will play to your strengths. Furthermore, in this role, high-level critical thinking and problem-solving skills are highly beneficial.

A Data Scientist’s job is all about gathering and analysing large volumes of raw data to formulate data-driven recommendations that achieve business goals and solve problems.

As a Data Scientist, your responsibilities will also include:

  • Select specific data sources and build out collection techniques such that they are automated and accurate.
  • Using data visualisation software to present findings in a clear manner.
  • Work alongside multiple teams including engineering and product development to implement data models.
  • Utilise predictive modelling techniques and machine-learning algorithms to improve various business outcomes such as customer experience and revenue.

Opportunity for career advancement

Data Scientist candidates require highly qualified profiles, therefore if you are qualified then you can surely expect a competitive salary with plenty of benefits and perks.

Data Scientist job requirements:

  • A Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree or Ph.D in Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics or Computer Science
  • Expertise in programming using R, SQL, Python, MATLAB, Ruby Java, C/C++, Perl, Octave or Haskell. Knowledge of SAS is a big plus
  • Solid experience in big data analysis, manipulation and modelling
  • Strong background in Statistics and Statistical Theory
  • Great aptitude and passion for Mathematics
  • Self-motivated individual with the ability to work alone or as part of a team
  • A detail-oriented go-getter with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills