Technology Recruitment

Arguably the largest job family in Newcastle, technology is also the hardest skill set to identify, engage and retain. When working with a local recruiter in Newcastle, you want to be sure you engage with a consultant who has roots deep in the local community and a well-respected reputation amongst the technology industry.

ASR has hired a local leading senior technology consultant, with almost a decade of experience locally, who has a reputation for delivering results for hard to find talent in our market.

Our Technology Consultants have spent their careers working on roles that are notoriously hard to find.  By committing to gaining an intimate understanding of our client’s business and the challenges employers face attracting the best talent, we provide a level of service that sets us apart from the competition.

Successful technology recruitment requires a diverse sourcing strategy and refined engagement model that traditional recruitment practices don’t often produce. Our search parameters are not limited to our local area, we target potential talent across Australia and overseas to attract them to the city we love.

Well networked locally, our sourcing strategies involve hosting and sponsoring industry events, meetups and networking with our clients and candidates.

We have a wealth of experience in the recruitment of the following roles:

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