.NET Developer Recruitment

ASR Recruitment offers premium staffing services to help you find the perfect .NET Developer for your business.

A .NET Developer is a specialised IT professional that can deliver instrumental amounts of value to your business according to your business goals. With a vetted professional to charge all .NET developments you may need, your company will ultimately be able to provide higher quality products and experiences to the end-user. ASR takes care of all your specific requirements when helping you with .NET Developer recruitments.

As one of Newcastle’s leading recruitment agencies, ASR takes pride in our approach to full-service recruitment. Through using a meticulously developed nation-wide network of recruiters and talent we offer premium staffing services to the country’s top-notch technology, media, digital, communications, marketing, sales, mining, construction, infrastructure, financial services, mining services and engineering businesses. Our talent acquisition specialists work with each client on a deeper level to truly understand their unique requirements and ultimately work together to sort through applications, employ, train and retain the best in the industry.

Why ASR?

Nation-wide network: Equipped with a powerful database that has been carefully culled from across the nation, ASR Recruitment is one of the big players in the Australian recruitment industry. We have developed a well-deserved reputation among the top companies in Australia for our ability to find talent across the country and help our clients to employ and retain them.

Complete recruitment services: Our stellar team of recruiters work with clients for a complete service package. We help you reach out to applicants, sort out prospective candidates, run background checks, schedule interviews, negotiate salaries and ensure a smooth onboarding experience.

Hassle-free quick service: ASR Recruitment offers a hassle-free, quick and efficient service. For those looking for quick solutions, we offer our extensive database which is developed through personal registrations and referrals. 80% of our candidate placements occur through this readymade database.

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